Do you want to see Carmen Salinas in the BATHROOM? This is how he boasted with a special SURPRISE: VIDEO

If something has achieved Carmen Salinas placeholder image over time is to show all facets of your life naturally and without fear of being questioned or judged. On the contrary, the leading actress and producer knows that if something characterizes her, it is being sincere in her way of expressing herself, something that her fans admire and respect.

For this reason, Doña Carmen did not hesitate to show the most intimate part of her home, that part where few people could see her on any occasion. This unique part of your home is the bathroom, that space so personal that few artists would show and Mrs. Carmen, as it is unique and peculiar, did not hesitate to show off through its YouTube channel.

Carmen Salinas shows off her bathroom where she fainted

From the privacy of her home, doña Carmen did not hesitate to give something different to her YouTube followers and boy did he do it. More than a million views, the video that the actress shared on her channel was a resounding success.

In it, she walked every inch of her bathroom, openly and honestly, Salinas taught from the sink to the mirrors, through the shower and all the special spaces of this place of peace where every morning she gets ready to give the best of himself in each project.

It should be noted that in this bathroom is where she was found a few weeks ago, when she passed out and after this it had to be interned at the Hospital Star Médica Roma. At that time, Dona Carmen did not imagine that time later she would experience such a painful moment for thousands of people by vanishing in this place.

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Reveal your collection of creams and perfumes

Within the likes that Carmen Salinas placeholder image is given, is to have a wide collection of creams and perfumes in your bathroom. With special shelves for these, Carmen showed the large number of products she has, showing that vanity is an essential part of her mornings and, without hesitation, she knows how to take care of herself.

Of course, the enormous amount of perfumes that it has attracted attention. Dozens of these, something that seems invaluable to her, but cares to such a degree to have them in his bathtub and in a very special space, almost untouchable for people who can enter your room.

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Advises to take care of the planet from your toilet

To finish off the tour of your bathroom, Carmen Salinas emphasized in the bucket that he has in his shower, which is used to store water that he later uses for the toilet. She herself explained that that way she does not need to spend more water and, incidentally, it is her way of caring for the ecology.

In this sense, he was surprised bys tips he gave to take care of the planet and save water, a topic that is of special interest to her.


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