Despite the vaccination rate in Mexico, the fourth wave of COVID is coming – El Financiero

Jarbas Barbosa, deputy director of the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), warned Mexico that despite the high vaccination rate, the fourth wave of COVID is inevitable, as a rebound in cases has been observed.

“Mexico has made a very important effort to vaccinate its population. It has 50 percent of its entire population with the two doses, it is an important vaccination coverage, but it is still not enough to guarantee that the country will not have other outbreaks again ”, he declared.

The deputy director also stressed that it is of the utmost importance to continue with the vaccination campaigns as well as the maintenance of public health measures.

“It is necessary to continue with the vaccination, achieve a higher vaccination coverage, protect everyone with complete schedules. Second: maintain public health measures ”, he explained.

On the other hand, the PAHO Health Emergency Director, Ciro Ugarte, recalled that the rebound due to COVID occurred in December, as well as emphasizing that the active cases in the country in recent weeks were around 18 thousand people .

“We must take into account what happened last year at this same time in Mexico, where we saw that holidays, commercial, social and family days at the end of the year, when it is more difficult to maintain physical distance and permanent use of the mask, and there is a significant population that does not have a complete vaccination against COVID-19, there was a significant increase in cases and deaths ”, declared Ugarte.

There are 76 million 046 thousand 332 Mexicans vaccinated so far, of which it is estimated that 64 million 502 thousand 180 have the complete vaccination scheme, being the equivalent of 85 percent of the people vaccinated.

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