COVID-19 in Europe: with these measures, the continent faces a new wave

Faced with the new wave of coronavirus (COVID-19) that you live in Europe, countries of that continent implement measures to fight disease; then a count of

Czech Republic vs COVID-19: state of emergency

The Government of this country of Europe declared a state of emergency for 30 days, and announced the closure of Christmas markets to curb infections of COVID-19. The measures They occur at a time when the nation’s hospitals, with 10.7 million inhabitants, are at the limit of their capacity and transfer patients to other regions.

Czechs not vaccinated or those who have not recently recovered from the disease are prohibited from going to restaurants, cafes or sports facilities. The Czech Republic has already registered more than 2 million infections and more than 32,500 deaths from COVID-19.

Although Europe it is a continent with high vaccination rates COVID-19, the measures They came back for the new wave. Photo: Reuters.

Germany: restrictions for unvaccinated

For now, the Government rules out national confinement and is committed to generalizing a health certificate in transport, and access restrictions to certain places for the unvaccinated. It is expected to unlock one billion euros for health personnel who fight against COVID-19.

  • In the last 24 hours, the country of Europe recorded 351 deaths
  • There are 110,119 deaths due to COVID-19, despite the measures

The measures in Slovakia: go out only if necessary

The streets of the capital Bratislava are deserted by partial confinement after the rise in cases of COVID-19: In the country of 5.4 million inhabitants, citizens, who stay at home most of the day, go out only in the morning for essential reasons (work or essential purchases).

  • Schools will remain open in this country of Europe

France: booster shot

The Government announced a booster vaccination campaign against COVID-19 for those over 18 years of age, five months after your last injection. He ruled out resorting to confinement and a curfew. Vaccination of children between the ages of 5 and 11 will not be carried out at this time.

Olivier Véran, French Minister of Health, said at a press conference:

“If the decision is made (to vaccinate children), it will not start before 2022”.

The measures from Austria: mandatory vaccination by 2022

  • The public showed their discontent for a new confinement
  • Shops, restaurants, Christmas markets, concert halls and hairdressers closed

Schools are still open and streets are moderately traveled. The 8.9 million Austrians, in theory, do not leave home except to shop, sport or receive medical attention. They go to the office and school, but authorities ask to abide by the measures and opt for the home office before him COVID-19.

Faced with the increase in cases, which reached unprecedented levels since the beginning of the pandemic, Foreign Minister Alexander Schallenberg finally opted for “radical” measures, such as the planned confinement until December 13 and the obligatory nature of vaccination for the adult population from February 1, 2022.

Portugal: home office and mandatory mask

Portugal, a country with one of the highest anticovid vaccination rates in the world, announced on Thursday measures to curb the increase in infections, iIncluding one week of restrictions after the end of the year holidays.

  • As of December 1, the government recommends working from home
  • The mask will be mandatory again indoor
  • The health pass will be required in restaurants and hotels
  • A negative test to attend cultural or sporting events, visit nursing homes, or go to bars and clubs.
  • As soon as to travel, a negative result will be required for all flights to Portugal
  • After the end of the year holidays, from January 2 to 9, the home office it will become mandatory, school vacations will be prolonged, and bars and discos will have to close.

On Thursday, the country registered 3,150 new cases in 24 hoursAccording to the latest report from the health authorities, the highest level in almost four months.

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