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The debate about how much it will be the rise in the minimum wage by 2022 officially began this Thursday with the installation of the Council of Representatives of the National Commission of Minimum Wages (Conasami)

That group is already in permanent session with one objective: to set the general and professional minimum wages that will take effect from next January 1.

This group is made up of the representation of 11 economic groups from both the workers ‘sector and the employers’ sector, each of them with one vote.

The remaining vote corresponds to the Government of Mexico, which is represented on the Council by the president of Conasami.

What was presented in this first session?

The directors learned of a report on the performance of the main economic and labor indicators both in Mexico and in other countries in the last 12 months.

What is the maximum term to set the minimum wage in 2022?

In accordance with the Federal Labor Law, the Council has until the last business day of December to decide whether or not there will be a new increase.

And will there be a new increase?

According to President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, yes. The president assured this week that the business sector will be convinced to support a new growth in the payment received by thousands of workers in the country, something that had already been achieved in previous years.

The Council voted unanimously for increases to the 2019 minimum wages (16 percent) and 2020 (20 percent).

However, this’ harmony ‘was broken when the minimum wage that is in force this year was discussed, as only the federal administration and workers’ representatives voted in favor of a 15 percent hike. The 11 representatives of the employers’ sector voted against the proposal.

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