Checo Pérez’s exercise routine

The driver’s body is attached to the car by the seat belts, hugged by a seat made exactly with the shape of his body, so that it does not move a millimeter, but the head is partially supported, only by the HANS, which is the retainer that is placed on the shoulders and is anchored to the helmet with two cables, to prevent the head from moving violently forward in a frontal collision and causing damage to the neck or the death of the pilot.

With up to 6g forces of pressure in fast corners, the neck is one of the strongest parts of a rider’s body.

Red bull

But, for the lateral movements there is nothing to hold the head, in which they also wear a helmet that weighs approximately 1.5 kilos.

On a fast curve, a F1 driver it can experience up to 6 g lateral thrust forces, that is, the neck must support six times the weight of the head and helmet. What can easily injure anyone without the necessary physical preparation.

For this reason, pilots perform various exercises to strengthen their necks, yes, it is no coincidence that they all have a lumberjack’s neck.

Mainly these consist of making movements up, down or lateral, with a harness tied to the head and different weights in the lower part, also, machines are used, which are fixed to the head and generate force, which the pilots they must try to hold out, in brutal neck torture.

Shoulders and arms

As we had already commented before, the F1 drivers They cannot be super muscular, but they do have to be very strong, because although the direction of the single seater It has a hydraulic assistance, it is not even close, as smooth and easy to move as the one in our car.

Steering is critical and its precision will give the pilot the hundredths necessary to set the best lap time and, for this, you need a certain stiffness, which with the passage of laps, heat and wear, can feel as if we were moving a heavy slab. Also, like any other part of the car, the hydraulic assist may fail, increasing the workload when pilot.

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