Celia Lora confesses she has 1 year without relationships, excites fans

The famous Mexican model, Celia Lora, has distinguished herself over the last few years for her various appearances in the bunny magazine, content that is practically famous worldwide and that participating in it has always been one of her dreams since she was little.

This time the beautiful daughter of Alex Lora, lead singer of the Mexican rock band The Tri, was in an interview with Gossip No Like, answering some questions and revealing some of his life secrets, so his fans were surprised with some of his statements.

To begin with, he clarified that despite dedicating himself to the creation of flirtatious content For those over 18, that does not mean that she is dedicating herself to another service that many people think.

It was for this reason that he revealed that he even has more than a year without having relations, a fact that very few people had about him and that there are even Internet users who cannot believe it, since as we mentioned it when uploading Photographs so flirtatious all the time many would think that you are continuously active and that you would even do it for money.

However, Celia confessed to the conductors that it really is not like that, it is simply a dream since she was very young to be able to create this type of content and by participating in a highly renowned magazine like that, many doors have been opened for her and she has already managed to have participation in various Reality shows, becoming his life and his work.

Of course, some users were excited to know this and much more to know that she will continue with this career that she likes so much, although one of the hosts of the program sure that when she was little she was planning her launch in music.

Click here to enter the video and from minute 37 the interview begins and we leave it here in case you want to appreciate it on your own.

Celia Lora / Instagram

Celia Lora shares her charms and beauty for her fans, she fulfilled her dream of being a model.

However, Celia Lora herself denied that she has plans to do so currently, because despite the fact that at first it was a possibility at the time of becoming a recognized and world-class model, she has decided that she would continue along this path that she herself has forged. .

He also confessed that the creators of the magazine will print this edition in which it will appear on the cover again, despite the fact that normally the magazine is no longer printed. It will be a special edition that surely if you are an admirer you will have to buy.

He also confessed that his work in the creation of exclusive content is one of the things that has benefited him the most and that currently he continuously generates income, so Celia Lora did not stop doing it and pampering her audience on the Internet, in addition to is preparing a new project with a US TV network.

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