Biby Gaytán, like a princess in a white tulle dress, supersedes María León

On the night of November 24, the Metro Awards, where the beautiful Mexican actress, Biby Gaytan shone with its own light, and which princess in tulle dress, unseat Maria Leon. The beautiful protagonists of the musical Chicago, came together on stage to show their beauty and unique talent.

Through her Instagram Stories, her eldest daughter, Ana Paula Capetillo documented her mother’s participation on stage, where she looked impressive in a beautiful long white tulle dress with black balls and puffed sleeves, and black sneakers, for which she stole her beautiful partner’s camera, Maria Leon.

The former vocalist of Limbo Beach She also looked sensational and exuded glamor with a black sequined jumpsuit with a slit on the chest, which she accompanied with platforms of the same color.

Both artists and the rest of the cast of Chicago They offered an impressive live number that left their eyes open to the spectators, among which were their older children, Eduardo Capetillo Jr and Ana Paula Capetillo, who were extremely proud of their mother, who was giving her all on stage.

“I love you, I admire you. You are everything I want to be one day. Why are you so perfect? ​​”, Wrote the beautiful Ana Pau in her stories.

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And, as she has recognized in some publications and interviews that have been carried out, Ana Paula Capetillo feels deeply attracted to dedicate herself to acting, but through theater, just as her mother has done.

In addition, the play Chicago received the Metropolitan Award for the best musical work, recognition that came like the cherry on the cake for its cast, as well as for the beautiful Biby Gaytán, because it was precisely that work that marked her return to acting and singing. after several years of absence.

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In fact, a few days ago, the renowned Televisa television producer, Juan Osorio, announced that Biby Gaytan will be the next protagonist of the series Slowly, very slowly, remake of the comedy that starred María Victoria 50 years ago, The Well-Bred Maid; which will mark her return to television after 13 years of staying away and focused on her family.

“We are going to be the series La Criada bien Criada, which is now called Despacito, very Despacito, and she is going to be the protagonist and the truth is that I am delighted to have worked with her in the pilot”, revealed the producer.

The ex-husband of Niurka Marcos assured that the only thing missing is the approval of the directors of Televisa, who already have the pilot in their hands, so that they can begin the recordings of the series.

He also explained that during the recording of the test, Biby Gaytan She was accompanied all the time by her husband, the Mexican actor, Eduardo Capetillo, with whom, he assured, he had a lot of chemistry and support, which is why he considered him a great ally for this project.

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