Ari Borovoy responds to Edith Márquez after attacks

In June of last year the singer Edith marquez announced that his employment relationship with Bobo productions had come to an end, but what really attracted attention is that he assured that his experience in the company of Ari borovoy it had been so bad that I would never work againr with him.

Despite her statements, Márquez refused to give details about what she experienced next to the exOV7, professionally speaking, and whenever she was questioned about it, she limited herself to saying that ‘I couldn’t talk about it. ‘

For his part, Ari had remained silent about these statements; however now asked the singer not to speak half and say what you have to say openly. In an interview for him First Man showor, the singer and producer defended himself from attacks and assured that at least as far as he is concerned, the experience with the former Timbiriche was not bad: “It seems out of place that he commented on that, for us it was not like that”, said.

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Borovoy assured that he does not believe that this situation is a campaign to damage his image and that of his company, but he did dare to send a message to the artist: “You can say, fan it; can’t say, don’t say; you are going to upload it to your social networks, do not download it”He added.

Ari and Edith

Finally, he stressed that he did great things for Edith’s career and that so far there is no lawsuit against her, he also denied that, as has been said, he owes the interpreter money.

Ari fights back

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