All about the new 2022 Ford Ranger

The pick-up market welcomes the new Ford Ranger 2022, a completely new model that promises to offer a very important qualitative leap over its predecessor. The redesign suffered by the Ranger is not only focused on aesthetics, and is that in order to maintain its leadership in the European market, Ford claims to have improved this 2022 Ranger not only to be a better pick-up, but also a better passenger car since it wants to become as capable a tool for work as it is for leisure.

The new 2022 Ford Ranger has been developed by a team from Ford Australia, a project that has started from the T6 platform, but that has involved making different modifications such as the 50 mm increase in battle and on the tracks. Being a globally designed model, Ford has created a Ranger that aims to respond to many types of customers, and therefore for this new generation It has not only focused on improving its possibilities as a professional vehicle, but also its possibilities as a leisure vehicle or for even family use, which has always been the great unfinished business of this type of model.

This duality is clearly seen in the interior design, a point that this Ranger seems to have taken care of more than in its previous versions. For this, a cabin equipped with the latest in technology, driving assistance and of course infotainment has been created. Therefore, the multimedia section is made up of a digital instrument cluster and one Ford Sync 4 interface with 10.1 or 12-inch vertical touchscreen. This system is equipped with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, internet connection, multiple USB ports and wireless charging platform for smartphones. Perhaps the only debatable point of this infotainment display is found in the concentration of the bulk of controls on the screen, because in such a vehicle it is even less practical.

In terms of space, Up to 5 passengers can travel on the Ranger, with numerous storage spaces distributed throughout the cabin. The case for its part also undergoes a redesign that allows it to gain 50 mm in width, which are the same ones that the Ranger grows, thus seeking to offer greater possibilities in the transport of merchandise. Unfortunately, Ford has not yet revealed all the details of this Ranger, so we do not yet have its specific measurements, both in body and in the box. However, it has confirmed the availability of a large catalog of accessories and the availability of sockets of up to 400 W, LED lighting, a gate designed to serve as a workbench and specific coatings to withstand abuse.

With regard to equipment, in the new front image we must highlight the presence of LED matrix headlights, as well as a front and rear lighting signature based on the same LED technology. At the same time a system with cameras capable of offering a 360┬║ view, which will be very useful when maneuvering with this Ranger.

2022 Ranger Engines

In the Ford Ranger 2022 we will find a range of diesel engines made up of 3 options: 2.0 Turbo, 2.0 Twin-Turbo and 3.0 V6 Turbo. Once again, Ford has not communicated any technical details about these engines, although it seems logical to think of a power fork that moves between 150 and 250 hp. The transmission will fall on a 10-speed torque converter automatic gearbox or a manual change of 6 ratios, which can be associated with two all-wheel drive systems depending on the finish. While the first 4×4 system will be the one already known without a center differential, the new 4×4 system will have a center differential, which will allow it to be used at high speed and on asphalt. Once again we will find the integration of a reducer, but it seems that no differential locks beyond the rear axle.

Not yet unveiled, There will also be a Ford Ranger plug-in hybrid hitting the streets in 2023, an unprecedented version of this pick-up that aims to be Ford’s first big step in electrifying this model.

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