Yuri tried to kill himself, reveals he wanted to stop suffering

In show business there are always rumors about the lives of artistsSuch is the case of Yuri, who on occasions had already mentioned that he had gone through a rather complicated moment in his life but had never specifically opened his heart to this issue and that was what happened in the interview with the popular magazine “Vanidades”.

The famous singer decided to remember that time when she hit rock bottom and was even thinking about taking her own life, apparently she was going through a “damn spring” quite intense, despite the fact that he was in the most successful moment of his entire career, with private jet, yacht, luxury cars, mansion, jewelry and expensive clothes, however, he was more alone never.

That was what she confessed in the famous magazine, assuring that since she did not have a husband or children and also was in conflict with her parents, without the possibility of speaking to them, she was totally alone, without a family.

He assures that he spent Christmas and the new years taking and giving himself to substances, he also ensures that artists go through a very complicated situation when they become a success, always wanting everything they find a empty by getting it.

Yuri told the editor of the magazine that she realized that the most important thing is not the material, but a good company, family and many other details that she ignored being focused on the success of his career.

Yuri / Instagram

Yuri posing for her social media fans. | Instagram @oficialyuri

It was in this way that she confessed that she tried to take her own life, but fortunately it did not come out: “I wanted to stop suffering and feeling alone,” she said, surely one of the most complicated moments she has lived in her entire existence.

Of course, the interview has much more content in this regard and if you consider yourself a fan or follower of the singer, we recommend that you purchase said magazine or that you look for the digital edition in your trusted search engine.

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