Yue and Shea dress up as brides for new products – Kudasai

The company Curtain Damashii announced a collaboration with the animated franchise of Shokugyou Arifureta by Sekai Saikyou (Arifureta: From Commonplace to World’s Strongest), in the launch of a line of wallpapers featuring the characters Yue and Shea haulia wearing beautiful wedding dresses. The products are available in three formats: “Yue & Shea“,”Just yue” and “Just sheaWith all scheduled to launch in January 2022 in Japan and currently available for pre-order.

Yue and Shea Haulia’s individual wallpapers have dimensions of H51 x W72 cm, as well as individual prices of 3,300 yen (about 29 US dollars). However, the whole wallpaper is available in multiple sizes, with the smallest 135 cm high priced at 18,150 yen (about US $ 157) and the largest 220 cm high and priced 24,200. yen (about 210 US dollars).

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