You have a successful tracheostomy and gastrostomy… How will it help you?

This Tuesday the family of Carmen Salinas placeholder image announced that the actress underwent two surgical procedures, as this would facilitate her care after spending 12 days in a state of eat natural.

Previously, the family had already informed that a tracheotomy and gastrostomy to Carmen Salinas so that the cleaning of phlegm, as well as its diet, are much easier to do and without causing more damage.

According to the statement released through social networks, the actress left both procedures without any complications “the surgical intervention was performed without any complications and she is stable, within the seriousness that her condition implies,” they pointed out.

Carmen Placencia, the actress’s granddaughter, reported that these procedures performed on patients with Carmen Salinas’ condition, that is, in a coma, are completely normal since this would allow “making connections without hurting the part of her throat, from his lips, from his mouth ”.

“The tracheostomy helps to clean the lungs and that there is the respirator, and this gastric part has to do with functions and feeding to remove intubation and probe with which it feeds ”, indicated Carmen Plascencia.

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The above to provide better care to Carmen Salinas, Furthermore, her granddaughter added that this scenario could be more encouraging, because the movements her grandmother presents “are no longer involuntary and the bleeding has decreased.”

Even, in another statement, the family reported that, in case of achieving their Recovery, Carmen Salinas would have to spend some time in rehabilitation, so she could not carry out any work activity in the short term.

Besides, the family The actress took advantage of the space to ask them to continue praying for her, in the same way they thanked all her messages and good wishes for Carmen Salinas while her fans continued to send messages of support.

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