You can go free! Chivas’ concern about renewing Alexis Vega

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The attacker has had great performances, but also very irregular moments like the one that occurred throughout this 2021 where he barely added two goals and seven assists.

Chivas trembles for the renewal of Alexis Vega
© Imago 7Chivas trembles for the renewal of Alexis Vega

What a problem for Chivas de Guadalajara Facing the Clausura 2022 Tournament, because one of its maximum references as it is Alexis Vega He still has not renewed his contract and he only has six more months signed with the institution, which is why one of the most important missions of the sports director, Ricardo Peláez is to extend the attacker’s stay in the coming days.

+ Chivas stove football heading to the 2022 Opening of the MX League

According to information from Milenio, the leadership of the Sacred Flock has not yet reached an agreement with the Gru to keep it more time at the club, thinking of having a rematch for next season, after he did not add any goal in the Scream Mexico Apertura 2021 and only accumulated one assist.

Ricardo Peláez and your child are the ones who are following up on the contract extension of the rojiblanco attacker, who in this 2021 lived moments of contrasts, because while with the Mexican National Team he was a bronze medalist in the Olympic Games of Tokyo being a key piece for the technician Jaime Lozano, with Guadalajara missed many games due to injuries and calls to the Tricolor.

Alexis Vega’s contract with Chivas

The Gru has six more months left in the agreement signed with the Herd and in the Guadalajara group they well know that if they do not reach good terms to prolong it, they could keep the empty handed in the future when Vega decide to leave freely without the possibility of leave some profit to the team where he has played the last three years.

Alexis Vega barely adds 13 annotations with the Chivas jersey in 72 games who has played in all available tournaments. Arrived in December 2018 and he has been three years in the rojiblanco club, the same that he paid six million dollars to Toluca for his signing, reason enough for Guadalajara are concerned about renewing one of their greatest assets.

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