Will Freeman walk away for the highest bid?

The Rangers, Yankees, Red Sox, Giants and Dodgers have been reported to have been among teams interested in first baseman Freddie Freeman, as well as the Braves, a team with whom he has spent his first 12 years in the majors and with whom he has just recently joined. win the World Series.

However, is it possible that the star first baseman will walk away with the option that guarantees him the most money in this free agency?

Before ruling out Texas, it must be remembered that this club has more than US $ 100 million to invest in the offseason. His roster of players could include Clayton Kershaw, Freeman, and at least one other player. Freeman’s personality makes it difficult to see him in New York. But if money is the factor, the Yankees have more to spend on the left-handed first baseman, who would help balance their lineup and provide more stability.

It also doesn’t affect that the Red Sox and Yankees are in the running for his services at the same time, alongside the Giants and Dodgers. More NL teams would be involved, with the possibility of the inclusion of the designated hitter spot.

In the end, the “Freeman wants to be here and the Braves want to keep him” is worth very little. This is a money-sending business. Why did the Braves get to this point, where other clubs can seduce their first baseman?

Hall of Fame executive John Schuerholz says occasionally that “it takes two to tango” when discussing negotiations.

There are many interested ensembles. Maybe Freeman ends up staying in Atlanta, but the truth is that so far, nothing is guaranteed.

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