What does Thanksgiving mean in America?

If you are not from the United States, you will probably wonder what Thanksgiving Day means (‘Thanksgiving’), since it is a very mentioned date and that has significance in television shows and movies. And indeed, it is something very relevant at the national level, so we explain what its meaning.

What is Thanksgiving Day and what does it mean?

Thanksgiving is a nationwide holiday that is, in fact, a nationwide holiday. According to the US embassy in Argentina, it is also a “date when families and friends come together to share a traditional meal and to give thanks for the good things life has to offer“.

In other words, it is a date of great importance for the inhabitants of the United States, in which mainly They consume turkey and that inaugurates the season known as ‘Holiday’, which includes the dates of Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years, something that we could describe in practical terms as ‘parallel’ to the Guadalupe-Reyes in Mexico.

Origin of Thanksgiving Day

In principle, Thanksgiving serves to give thanks for the fall harvests. The origin of the celebration is in 1621, “when the English settlers celebrated, with the natives of the area, the success of their first harvest for three consecutive days,” according to the United States government.

The settlers had arrived the previous year on the ship ‘Mayflower’ to the colony of Plymouth (part of the present state of Massachusetts). Half of them did not survive the first winter, so a successful harvest that fed them during the second winter was cause for celebration and gratitude.“, they add.

In this celebration, They shared turkey, pumpkins and dried fruits with the natives, which until today is preserved as the characteristic foods of this day. And although that is known as the first Thanksgiving, it was not celebrated again until a long time later.

When is Thanksgiving?

In 1789, the then president George Washington declared Thanksgiving a national holiday, and they celebrated it on Thursday, November 26.. However, each state in the country celebrated it on different days over the years.

By 1863, Lincoln decreed it the last Thursday of November as the official date for Thanksgiving. Currently, this is the date for Thanksgiving, so this 2021, it will fall on November 25.

This is very closely related to the Black Friday, as many companies decide to continue Thanksgiving and stick it with ‘Black Friday’, which refers to a day when stores offer great deals for Christmas shopping. To put it in some way, This is a custom similar to the one promoted in Mexico as ‘El Buen Fin’.

So now you know This is why Thanksgiving is so important in America.


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