Viral: Joven reveals how much he earns in an Oxxo and makes TikTok tremble

With the arrival of the social networks The Oxxo have been the cause of virality on many occasions and now they are again on everyone’s lips after one of his employees decided resee how much you earn. Curiosity was so great that by sharing the video on his account TikTok turned quickly viral.

In the comments, the memes of netizens who say they want to quit their jobs to join the convenience stores have not been long in coming.

How much do they pay at the Oxxo?

The user Roberto DC, whose TikTok account is @ chicoxxo0, decided to answer a question asked by one of his followers: How much do they pay in Oxxo?, but also revealed the salaries of the different positions in these stores. It must be clarified that the young man emphasizes that the salaries are weekly, since in these stores payments are made.

The tiktoker showed his payment receipt, assuring that he regularly “takes that away.” The salary is 4,689.55 pesos, net salary, but clarifies that has extra the provision of food vouchers: 720 pesos per month. He mentions that he has the position of leader, that is, the manager. So this is the highest salary for a worker in that store.

Users are surprised with the weekly payment when working at Oxxo

The reaction of the users was of surprise since, they assure, many of them that are professionals earn much less per week than the 4,600 pesos that he is paid as a store manager.

The tiktoker continues his video saying that the salary of a store manager is 2,795.99, weekly net salary, plus 500 pesos of vouchers per month. And a floor helper earns approximately 1,297.53, net pay. Although the young man clarifies that there are “high” weeks in which they do well for their commissions and they manage to take between 1,800 and 2,000 pesos a week.

The video of the Oxxo worker already exceeds one million views and more than a thousand comments. He even uploaded another video to his TikTok in which he shows how viral it was to reveal his salary and assures that he was not expecting it.



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