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Vicente Fernández Jr. just surprised by undergoing a botox treatment. Photo: Cuartoscuro / Archive

At 58 years old, the singer Vicente Fernandez Jr. just surprised with the news that a treatment with botox to show off with a look younger woman erasing the expression lines from the skin of her face. He did it accompanied by his girlfriend Mariana González Padilla.

From their social networks, Mariana González Padilla, known as the “Mexican Kim Kardashian”, was the one who broke the news about the aesthetic treatment to which she was subjected Vicente Fernandez Jr., after she also went to a specialized beauty clinic located in Guadalajara to undergo the same treatment.

In his Instagram stories, Mariana described the way medical personnel first seated Vicente Jr. on a stretcher and then inject the botox. In the images, the singer was a bit nervous, as that was the first time an aesthetic arrangement was made.

“Now it is his turn, we are going to make it very beautiful. Moral support, 10 years we are going to take away ”.

Mariana González Padilla

In the same story Vicente Fernandez Jr. appears already lying down, while a specialist cleans his forehead, while he takes his girlfriend’s hand to calm himself during the process of applying botox.

Very funny, Mariana continued recording Vicente Fernandez Jr. when one of the specialists kept injecting him botox in the forehead area. Mariana specified that the session took a few minutes and expressed in the publication that “beauty is for everyone” and “men can also be seen beautiful.”

Finally, Vicente Fernandez Jr. He appears already sitting next to his girlfriend showing the results of the aesthetic treatment and waving from a restaurant with the change of lock that visibly left him without those “crow’s feet.” Mariana González Padilla She explained that while the treatment cost Vicente 4 thousand pesos for her, it was 5 thousand 500.

Since April 2020, Vicente Fernandez Jr. and Mariana González Padilla They have a sentimental relationship and although the singer is 58 years old and Mariana González is 37, age has not been an impediment to the love they profess. The two were very cool with their botox.

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