TV Azteca actress arrives at Hoy and takes away his job from a beloved morning driver: VIDEO

What a controversy arose within the Today program after one of his most beloved drivers went “out of work” after a former employee of Aztec TV appeared on the broadcast and snatched the section that worked for so many years.

The news surprised all viewers as they were quite surprised to observe that the former host of TV Azteca appeared on Hoy, one of the most watched programs in Mexico, to host one of the morning’s favorite sections.

As expected, the speculation did not wait as the fans detailed that it is possibly a clue of the changes that will arrive in 2022 since it has unofficially transpired that important changes could occur in the cast.

Former host of TV Azteca arrives at Hoy

Through his YouTube account, the Today program shared a video showing the exact moment when The Shots, a former host on TV Azteca, comes to the broadcast to put one of her most beloved hosts out of work.

It turns out that in the broadcast, La Chupitos, with his peculiar sense of humor, made the decision to take over La Resbaladilla, a section that until a few days ago was hosted by El Indio Brayan, one of Televisa’s most beloved collaborators.

Without keeping anything, La Chupitos appeared in the picture presenting La Chupitos Slide; at that moment the real head of the section appeared and questioned its appearance.

Despite the claim, the driver silenced The Indian Brayan, who had no choice but to make him second and share his space in the most watched morning of open television in Mexico.

“Welcome knowledgeable public to my slide, La Chupitos Slip”, is heard saying at the beginning of the video.

It should be remembered that, a few years ago, The Shots He was part of several TV Azteca projects, even having a quite important role in Venga La Alegría, a direct competition of the Hoy program.

However, during this 2021, the comedian decided to return to Hoy to be part of the contestants of the second season of Las Estrellas Bailan en Hoy, where she is a couple with El Indio Brayan.


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