This will cost to fly from Santa Lucía airport by Viva Aerobus to Monterrey and Guadalajara – El Financiero

Viva Aerobus reported that as of March 21, 2022, two routes will begin to operate from the Felipe Ángeles International Airport, these will have as destinations Monterrey and Guadalajara. In addition, it has already started the sale of tickets, we will tell you about the costs.

The costs of a single trip departing from the Santa Lucía Airport to Guadalajara and Monterrey and vice versa will start from 304 pesos, plus the Airport Use Fee (TUA), of 285 pesos.

The airline also indicated that it will offer ground transportation to people traveling to or from the new airport facilities.

The cost for land travel to the Santa Lucía Airport will be 75 pesos and the service will depart from the North Bus Terminal.

The two new routes announced by Viva Aerobus are in addition to those already operated at the Mexico City International Airport.

With information from Aldo Munguía.

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