This is The Explorer, the luxury airplane-hotel for millionaires

The world of airlines has taken impressive turns thanks to new technologies and innovative designs, that is why the disciplines have come together to see the birth of the plane-hotel The explorer“a creation that has immediately caught the public’s attention for its excessive luxury and otherworldly multifunctionality.

East flying hotel, as the airlines have called it, it is a hybrid between an airplane and a mega yacht, but with all the luxuries and comforts of a hotel. This innovative way of traveling that “The Explorer” possesses is the work of the design studio of Lufthansa Technik, the German company specializing in aircraft maintenance, repair, overhaul and completion.

The birth of a flying hybrid

After the event Dubai Air Show 2021 Emirati airline Etihad Airways and the company Lufthansa Technik AG They had a meeting in which they signed a memorandum to associate in an integral way, this deal was proposed to explore digital solutions to make improvements to the technical fleet and operations management of the airline.

The plans for this project called “The Explorer” started recently. The German Design Studio Lufthansa Technik presented a private jet prototype that has been compared to a mega yacht due to its dimensions and interiors enabled to be a luxury hotel that only billionaires could acquire.

(Photo: Lufthansa Technik)

The Lufthansa Technik studio presented this project with the idea of ​​innovating the way of traveling by plane. The flying hotel It has a cabin that can be occupied for various uses, this means that the interior of the luxurious aircraft will be deliberately kept functional, which makes it highly expensive.

Unique and innovative design of the flying hotel

The flying hotel “The Explorer” it will have the classic elements of a hotel room: bedrooms, bathrooms and living rooms, it will also have spaces enabled such as offices and conference areas. All elements of the hotel plane they will offer the greatest potential thanks to their state-of-the-art technology.

(Photo: Lufthansa Technik)

One of the most impressive qualities is that your VIP cabin can completely change its appearance with a touch of the fingertip. Aircraft Architect at VIP & Special Mission Aircraft, Michael Bork said: “We created a unique interior to harness the full potential of the projection system for private jets.”

(Photo: @LHTechnik)

The hybrid model will have all the usual comforts of a large jet. However, Jan Graube, director of Lufthansa Technik, maintains that “it is a proposal for typical elements of Explorer boats, to transfer the idea of ​​design from water to air and, therefore, a new cabin design”, to provide greater use and better results.

The price of this luxurious private jet with hotel functionality is not yet known, but of course it will not be cheap. Airlines and design companies must stay at the forefront so as not to miss such an innovative concept as that of the hotel plane that could become the proposal of the future to travel.

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