They reveal the millionaire that Kevin Spacey must pay to the producer of ‘House of Cards’

It has been practically four years since Kevin Spacey was fired from House Of Cards as a result of the accusations against him for inappropriate conduct and sexual harassment. And although time has passed, the controversy remains afloat.

This time, it was revealed that the actor will have to pay more than 30 million dollars to Media Rights Capital, the production house of the acclaimed series that is distributed on Netflix. According to reports, the authorities’ ruling occurred in mid-2020, but it was until last Monday, November 22, that the information was made public.

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The millionaire that Kevin Spacey must pay to the producer of ‘House of Cards’

Kevin Spacey was one of the figures of House Of Cards playing Frank Underwood; one of the most recognizable faces in the popular series. In 2017 he lost the role -and the prestige of the Hollywood industry- after the scandal where he was accused of inappropriate sexual conduct (HERE we remind you what happened).

The accusations kept coming out and it was practically inevitable that the actor would leave the show. This made the production company Media Rights Capital and Netflix lose several million dollars Well, they already had a lot of content ready to continue with the series…. evidently, all that had to be discarded to never see the light.

Now Kevin Spacey is accused of racism:

Kevin Spacey. Photo: Netflix.

And what happened then? Well, last Monday, November 22, the information was made public that Kevin Spacey must pay 31 million to compensate Media Rights Capital, since his situation practically threw the future plans of the series overboard and that cost the producers a good little money.

Basically, the demand of the production company -registered in January 2019- aims to recover the money lost in production costs after discard all the material that was already prepared for future seasons. Additionally, the argument was also made that Spacey violated the studio’s sexual harassment policy.

Take it!  Kevin Spacey must pay a millionaire to the producer of 'House of Cards'

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The determination would have been made in 2020

Although the court’s determination was revealed earlier this week, it should be noted that this decision was actually stipulated in July 2020 during a ‘secret hearing’. According to Variety, the judge involved issued a 46-page ruling – which is still confidential – of which only is known, is in favor of Media Right Capital.

The legal process continued ‘in the shadows’ (so to speak) in the following months and even, the BBC reports that Spacey tried to appeal the decision in this month of November, but your request was denied.

The ruling in favor of Media Rights Capital, which was determined in 2020, was released only in these days since the lawyers of the study presented a judicial request on November 22 to confirm the compensation that the actor must grant. So yes: Kevin Spacey has to pay the millionaire no matter what.

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