They find a rare fish from the ‘twilight zone’ of the ocean on a California beach after a strange earthquake (VIDEO)


Nov 25, 2021 20:01 GMT

The deep-sea specimen had a large mouth and fang-shaped teeth.

A rare deep-sea fish with a large mouth and fang-shaped teeth was found on a beach in the US city of Laguna Beach, California, minutes after a mysterious tremor was recorded.

The specimen was identified as a long-nosed lancetfish (‘Alepisaurus ferox’) and the respective video was posted last week on the Facebook page of a local sea excursion agency. The A. ferox ‘is a carnivorous species with a long and tall dorsal fin that lives in the’ twilight zone ‘of the ocean, between the 200 and 1,000 meters deep. These fish can reach a length of approximately 1.8 meters.

According to the description of the audiovisual material, the fish appeared after a unconfirmed seismic event, which was registered on November 15 in Southern California and was defined by local residents as a “sonic boom”. The fish was safely returned to the water.

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