They collect “dowry” for minors – Guerrero: They rescue a girl and boy held by relatives to force them to marry

The Guerrero State Human Rights Commission managed to rescue a minor before she married another teenager. Both were going to be forcibly married, as their parents were forcing them, who agreed to the union in exchange for money or other resources.

By Carmen González Benicio

Tlapa, Guerrero, November 24 (ElSur) .- The Guerrero State Human Rights Commission (Codehum) intervened in the release fingers minors old in the community na’savi from Royal Jewel Of the municipality of Cochoapa the Great, whom their relatives wanted marry by way of forced.

In a bulletin, the Codehum reported that this Tuesday, November 23, envoys went to the community of Joya Real for the release of one and a minor who were deprived of their liberty and to whom they pretended marry obliged for their relatives.

The Commission’s intervention, he said, was due to an anonymous call that made it possible to “deal with this reprehensible act in a timely manner.”

According to the information, both minors of approximately 13 years of age stated that they were being forced to To get married since his parents had arranged it by paying a “dowry”.

The bulletin reports that around noon, the Regional Delegate in the Codehum Mountain, Celso Vázquez Vivar, in the company of representatives of the Regional Prosecutor’s Office for Indigenous Peoples, the Cochoapa el Grande Trustee, elements of the State Police and the The National Guard and the Municipal Police participated in the peaceful rescue of the minors, who were placed at the disposal of the competent authorities for their protection, safeguarding and guaranteeing their human rights.

It is said in the statement that the Codehum, chaired by Cecilia Narciso Gaytán, will promptly follow up on the case and endorse its institutional commitment to intervene in the work carried out in favor of the protection of the rights of the childhood.

In the photos released by the Commission, the lawyers from the Tlachinollan Mountain Human Rights Center, Neil Arias Vitinio and Erika Candia, were observed.

The Mayor of the Green party, Bernardo Ponce Flores, confirmed the events and the intervention of the City Council through the receivership to go to the population that is in the lower part of the municipality about three hours away, where they have focused this Recurrent type of practices with marriages arranged by parents where there is money involved and when something goes wrong they turn to local authorities to force them to return the resources through incarceration.

In addition, several security elements came to protect the officials who went to verify the events, which they verified, bringing the two minors to Tlapa.

Angelica is from this community, the youngest under 15 who was married at the age of 11 in an arranged marriage, where the man’s parents gave 120 thousand pesos.

The case became known four years later, because Angélica was imprisoned and held for 10 days in the Dos Ríos community jail by the Community Police while her family got the money they were asking her to return and that had increased to 230 thousand pesos, according to the parents of the young man.

Given the lack of money, the parents were released to get it, offering 50 thousand pesos for the freedom of Angelica who stayed in the place and that she explained to The SouthThat they could give since doing accounts in the four years she had worked as a day laborer and her father-in-law received her salary so that with that they covered what they asked for.

In addition to the fact that she left the house of her husband because her father-in-law, who is now in prison and linked to the process, tried to rape her on four occasions and when accusing him with his relatives, he ran her from the house after he resisted again. be abused.

As the months passed, her father-in-law requested the intervention of the Community Police to return the money spent on the marriage of his son, who left for the United States more than a year ago, so that all of Angélica’s family she was jailed for a few hours and then released to get the money.

Angélica stayed at the Dos Ríos police station where, she was imprisoned for a few days, then they took her out into the corridor without being able to leave the place until they arrived with the money.

Because of this, Angelica’s mother had a miscarriage on the way. The minor said that she did not see that the community police attacked her mother at the scene, nor did they mistreat her and that she learned later that her mother had been hospitalized in Ometepec for the loss of her triplets.

In those communities, you walk from one town to another, long distances, because there is no transportation, they have to pay if someone takes them, but they don’t always want to, they are rough up and down roads.

She was finally released with the intervention of the Human Rights Commission, the Secretariat for Indigenous Affairs and the City Council of Cochoapa el Grande who arrived at the scene.

Due to this problem, the coordinators of the Dos Ríos Community Police, Daniel Alberto and Carlos Martínez are now also detained in the House of Justice of San Luis Acatlán, who are facing an investigation for having intervened in a conflict of individuals that is not in their jurisdiction. regulation.


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