The push for precision medicine borders on unanimous consensus in the Health Commission

Two of the hottest issues in parliamentary debate at national and European level are the personalized precision medicine and the European Pharmaceutical Strategy, approved this week in the European Parliament.

Precisely, the Popular Party presented in August 2021 a Proposal No of Law (NLP) related to the promotion of personalized precision medicine and the Pharmaceutical Strategy from dialogue and collaboration and investment of European funds, and this afternoon has gone ahead in the Congress of Deputies. The different groups have reached an agreement through a compromise amendment that was approved during the Health Commission held this Thursday in the Lower House.

“Personalized medicine has opened a new horizon for Health, given its decisive contribution to biomedical research and to achieve early and accurate diagnoses, effective treatments and remarkable health results”, he assured Elvira Velasco, spokesman for Health of the PP in Congress.

And, as Velasco has pointed out, precision medicine will change the organization and operation of the SNS, it will involve a training effort and significant benefits will be seen for patients.

In particular, he mentioned the new diagnostic techniques, “fundamental tools to prevent and successfully deal with different pathologies and in particular rare diseases and cancer”. The fact is that the therapeutic approach to RES and cancer goes through an early and precise diagnosis, a key aspect of personalized medicine.

Josefa Andrés Barea, deputy of the PSOE, has gone further, considering that this supposes not only a paradigm shift at the European level, but also worldwide. “It is a new concept: the innovation of science in the health system to address a new way of looking at public health,” he highlighted.

Thus, the Socialist deputy showed her support for the popular initiative: “We will support the transactional, with the modifications that we have presented, because we must continue working and supporting this new paradigm of health.” In the same way, Juan Luis Steegmann, Vox Health spokesperson in Congress, also announced that his training would vote in favor of this NLP considering it “a very beneficial initiative for Spain.”

Collaboration and transparency

For the projects that are undertaken in the field of personalized medicine to be successful, Velasco believes that it is essential that there is cooperation between the autonomous communities and a public-private collaboration.

Although Unidos Podemos agrees to promote personalized medicine, it differs greatly in the concept of public-private collaboration that the PP or other parliamentary groups have. “The problem is that it is not a collaboration, it is a parasite. And that parasitization is characterized by the absolute lack of transparency ”, he has pointed out harshly. Rosa Medel, spokesperson for United We Can Health in Congress.

For this reason, its formation has proposed an amendment to “promote the transparency of the accounts of public-private collaboration and particularly those carried out through strategic projects for economic recovery and transformation, the PERTEs”. With this, it seeks to clearly reflect and differentiate public-private participation, as well as “the benefits derived from such collaborations”.


However, “not only is political will required, but also a medium and long-term strategy, as well as technical and human resources proportionate to this ambitious change in the healthcare paradigm ”, Velasco highlighted. Therefore, adequate funds will need to be allocated.

In this sense, Velasco has targeted European recovery funds, Next Generation EU, which “have opened important opportunities for the Member States to consolidate and improve health systems”.

The deputy recalled that, in the case of Spain, the Transformation, Recovery and Resilience Plan It falls within this framework and its component 18 anticipates some lines of action for which new resources are essential, especially from the EU. In this context is also inscribed the PERTE for Vanguard Health, to which it is intended to link various projects that should serve the objectives of personalized medicine. “Hopefully those funds arrive soon and are applied with a vision of solidarity,” Velasco wanted.

Aligned for mental health

The mental health has once again returned to the Health Commission, showing that it is a front-line issue and “rabid” today. He has done it through NLP for the destigmatization of problems of this kind that he has brought to the camera Citizens, one of the most active groups in this regard. “The data prior to the pandemic already showed alarming figures, now they have worsened. Anxiety, depressions have skyrocketed … there is fear of the future. This is hitting hard on the morale and mental health of the population, “he said. Guillermo Diaz, spokesman for Health of the orange formation.

As explained, there are two lines of action: on the one hand, the therapy that “requires means”; and on the other, the one that focused the initiative of C’s, the action against the stigma and taboo, “As important as human resources.” “There is a deeply ingrained belief in society that a depression it is not a disease, but rather a transitory state of mind ”, he exemplified.

It has also denounced the false belief existing that mental illness is not related as an illness that may have a death result. “It is known that cardiovascular disease can be fatal, that cancer can be fatal … but mental health is not associated with life-threatening danger.”

“It is known that cardiovascular disease or cancer can be fatal, but mental health is not related to this danger”

Guillermo Diaz, C’s Health spokesperson in Congress

The terms of the text presented thus advocated approving the Mental Health Strategy as a commitment of the Reconstruction Commission, ensuring a budget commitment and sufficient human resources within it; the inclusion in it of a National Suicide Prevention Plan; and the search for a broad parliamentary and social agreement to address problems related to mental health.

Transactional agreement with socialists and popular

Ciudadanos has signed a compromise amendment with the two majority groups. In this sense, the Popular Group In his turn to reply, he denounced that several similar initiatives had already been approved by the Commission, but that “it was of no use if the Government continues to do nothing.” In response to this, they have requested the inclusion of the assumptions defended by their proposal for Global Mental Health Plan, which is committed to a comprehensive approach to the matter, budgetary and structural commitments.

For his part, and although the Socialist Group has been part of the aforementioned amendment to “advance the political consensus”, has reminded the orange party that the PGE for 2022 carry with them investment associated with mental health through Action plan, specifying that the proposing group has voted negatively to the public accounts.

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