The medicines will reach the most remote villages or I stop calling Andrés Manuel: AMLO

Zacatecas. – President Andrés Manuel López Obrador announced that on Monday he will hold a meeting with his cabinet to resolve the problem of medicine shortage where he announced that the entire federal government will participate and guaranteed that the drugs will reach the most remote towns “or I’ll stop calling Andrés Manuel.”

In a morning press conference, the head of the federal Executive reported that his administration signed a contract with companies to distribute the medicines, but “I don’t know if due to inefficiency or bad faith” they were not distributed.

“On Monday we are going to have a meeting to see how the supply has been resolved, that has already been achieved, they have already been bought, now it is distribution, because it turns out that medicine was bought and a contract was made with some distributor companies and I do not know if due to inefficiency or bad faith the drugs were not distributed.

“It is like an obstacle course, because there is a lot of hunger for money, money is for them, as I said. gentlemanYour God, so now we are going to that, among all of us, just as the vaccine was distributed, we are going to distribute the medicines to the most remote villages, they will not be absent or I will stop calling Andrés Manuel ”, he said.

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“Would the Army enter?” He was asked.

“We are all going in”, but we are going to beat the soft drinks, the chips. If they can take their products further, why can’t we? They are medicines, ”he replied.

Last Tuesday, at the National Palace when he headed the 112 General Assembly of the IMSS, President López Obrador announced that the model used by the Secretariat of National Defense (Sedena) for the distribution of vaccines against the Covid-19 pandemic could be replicated. .

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