The death toll from the Nicolás Romero-Villa del Carbón road crash rises to 8

Nicolás Romero, Mex.- He raised the number of deathly victims of the collision between a passenger van of the Anasa line and a cargo truck that occurred yesterday on the highway that connects the municipalities of Nicolás Romero with Villa del Carbón where initially six deceased people died and 14 passengers were injured, authorities from the Attorney General’s Office of the State of Mexico confirmed today.

The accident took place around 4:00 p.m. yesterday when a trailer and an Urban-type van from the Autobuses del Noreste y Anexas company were circulating in the vicinity of the “Juan Aldama” municipal hospital, where the truck collided with the unit of type passengers and it fell into a ravine.

On impact and falling from the truck into a ravine, the 29-year-old driver of the public passenger transport unit died; Paramedics transferred the injured to the IMSS Lomas Verdes Traumatology Hospital in Naucalpan.

Among those killed yesterday were four men aged 25, 29, 30 and 45 years old and two women aged 45 years, local authorities reported.

There are 14 people injured

Victims who were joined by two more passengers, for a total of eight dead and 14 injured, said authorities of the Mexican Prosecutor’s Office today.

Civil Protection rescuers, firefighters and paramedics as well as police officers from the Nicolás Romero city council worked at the scene of the accident.

Among the 14 injured passengers there are three children under the age of 16, one two women and one man; Tania, 38, Ana, 31, Cristina, 31, Irma, 49, Belém, 18, Juan, 18, Marco Antopnio, 24, Monserrat, Víctor, 46; Dulce, 19 and David, 24.

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