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WhatsApp Web has just been updated with an integrated sticker maker, which allows you to convert any image into one of these elements to send it through the courier service.

Until now, users depended on stickers prefabricated by the company itself and by those that could be obtained or generated using an application through a third-party editor, but this new function carries the creator directly to the browser, and as reported The Verge, this tool will also arrive in desktop applications next week.

This is the new function to create WhatsApp stickers

The first thing we will need is to enter the WhatsApp version from the browser from some computer (although if it works from the browser on a tablet, it does not recognize some options to manipulate the images) and do click the attachments icon, clip-shaped.

This will show us a new option that says “stickers” and when we select it, it will open a file browser to upload the image that we are interested in converting into this element, (it can be JPG or transparent PNG).

Not Stonks Tutorial

On the left, the image just uploaded to the editor, on the center, the selection tool and on the right the final result

Once the image is loaded, an editor will appear from where we can perform various actions, cut the image to only select a shape or silhouette (the scissors), add emojis, integrate other stickers, write a text, draw, cut the entire image and go backwards or forwards in the different steps of the edition that we make.

After this, as in any other message, we can send our brand new sticker to the chat that interests us, and we can also find them in the recent stickers section, where they should appear as we generate new images together with a new button to create more.

stickers in recent section

From the browser we can find the sticker generated in the recent section

However for now it seems that this new function not well synchronized yet between the different devices, because when looking for our new “creation” it only appears in this same section in WhatsApp Desktop and not in the smartphone app, where we will have to add the sticker to our favorites to see it integrated.

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