Qualifications of América after the draw against Pumas in the first leg of the quarterfinals

ESPN presents the notes that the azulcrema players obtained after locking themselves up for 90 minutes against Pumas in Ciudad Universitaria

America drew goalless against Pumas in the first leg of the quarterfinals in the Apertura 2021 and marches with relative advantage to define the series on the Azteca Stadium court, since the away goal rule disappeared and the global tie favors the best positioned in the general table of the tournament.

Guilermo Ochoa (8)

The América goalkeeper had a lot of work on the grass of Ciudad Universitaria, after Pumas controlled most of the duelHowever, part of the task was carried out by the Auriazules attackers themselves, unable to finish off with danger the multiple balls that were supplied to them.

Salvador Reyes (6)

He lost the battle with Sebastián Saucedo and Alan Mozo, which built a highway on the right flank and loaded the largest number of arrivals on that flank.

Sebastian Cáceres (6)

Iron to mark Diogo and Dinneno, the defender kept zero on his door before the multiple attacks of the rival and fulfilled the task assigned by Santiago Solari.

Emanuel Aguilera (6)

The central defender gave a brief scare at 20 ‘, due to a head clash with DinennoHowever, he did not leave the court. Despite the multiple arrivals of the rival, he gave a good performance that was translated into a goalless draw.

Jorge Sanchez (6)

The winger bothered Favio Álvarez and won the personal duel for control of the left flank, which is why the auriazul offensive recharged itself on Mozo and Saucedo on the other side.

Mauro Lainez (5)

Unreleased for most of the duel. America’s approach was to close behind and leave without injuries at all costs, so the participation of offensive players was limited.

Richard Sanchez (6.5)

As inside on the left, the Paraguayan midfielder showed a discreet work and his best moment during the duel also meant the team’s only shot on goal., 77 ‘down the left wing, which just passed the far post.

Fernando Madrigal (5)

The midfielder rarely stepped on the rival area and was evoked in covering the spaces for Pumas to gain an advantage to travel to the Azteca Stadium field.

Miguel Layún (6)

True to his custom, the character of the veteran winger prevailed on the court and had several frictions with Saucedo. In the second period, at 64 ‘, he handed the ball to Corozo in the center of the field to line up to the rival goal and later fouled to impede his advance.

Alvaro Fidalgo (5)

In a position different from his, the Spaniard passed unnoticed on the field and it did not weigh on the offensive contribution of America.

Federico Viñas (5.5)

In 61 minutes on the court, America generated a dangerous play with the Uruguayan, who took advantage of a defense error to shoot on goal, but the glory did not come thanks to a save by Alfredo Talavera.


Henry Martin

With half an hour of the game ahead, the Mexican forward center replaced Federico Viñas, which only generated a dangerous play during his participation.

Roger Martínez (S / C)

Entered 87 by Richard Sánchez

Francisco Cordova

Entered at 90 ‘+ 1 by Mauro Lainez

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