Put Alexa in your car with the Echo Auto today for… 39 euros!

If you have been wanting to have the Alexa voice assistant in your car for a while and you don’t know how to get it, we are going to show you an excellent offer that you can take advantage of thanks to Black Friday that allows you to get the Echo Auto at one of its best prices ever thanks to a promotion that currently exists on Amazon.

The device we are talking about has a design with reduced dimensions that does not clash with the dashboard of practically all the cars on the market. Despite being quite small, this product does not lack several buttons that allow to manage its operation in a simple way and, even, make it possible to disable the integrated microphones to increase the Privacy in the moments that you need it. By the way, in the product box there is an adapter that allows you to easily place the Echo Auto in the vents of the car.

Echo Auto Speaker

When it comes to speech recognition, there is good news for this product. Included is nothing less than eight microphones which ensures that the recognition that is carried out is really accurate and that you will not need to raise your voice too much to be able to perform all kinds of actions with the accessory we are talking about. Therefore, you should not hesitate for a very moment simple and comfortably you can add a complete voice assistant to your car that will allow you to perform a large number of actions without taking your hands off the wheel.

Echo Auto usage options

Possibly the most interesting function that this product offers is to use Bluetooth communication to be able to enjoy music with the car speakers. And, in addition, this is very interesting because by simply executing a voice command it will be possible to access music services in the cloud such as Spotify or Amazon’s own. Even, also quite intuitively, you will be able to listen to the latest news to review the tasks that you have pending or delete any that are finished. And, all this, just with the use of the voice.

Echo Auto in the car

The offer on Amazon

This is one of the things that makes the purchase of the Echo Auto tremendously attractive, you only have to pay the 39.99 euros to have it at home without having to add anything for shipping costs in the case of having a Prime account. We are talking about a 33% discount, which places this accessory at one of its lowest prices ever, which is very easy to install and also to use. We leave you the link that you must use if you do not want to miss the opportunity to take advantage of a promotion that we do not want to go beyond Friday of this week.

With excellent compatibility due to the fact that it uses Bluetooth technology and, therefore, practically all the phones that use the operating system iOS and Android can access the necessary application that you have to install for free in the terminal, you must know that the Echo Auto is powered by using a cable USB… So it is not at all a bad idea to think about buying a lighter type charger if your car does not have an input like the one mentioned above. A very good opportunity in our opinion.

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