Pokémon Shiny Diamond and Shimmering Pearl Guide: Tips, Tricks, and Secrets

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Welcome to our complete guide to Shiny Diamond Pokémon and Shimmering Pearl Pokémon! Nintendo and Game Freak once again bring us back to Sinnoh, where she gave birth to the fourth generation of the franchise in its day on Nintendo DS. Now, players can return (or visit for the first time), this beautiful region in the remakes for Nintendo Switch.

In the contents of this guide, as expected, you will find a series of entries dedicated to complete the game 100%. So that you do not leave anything behind, we will tell you where to get all Pokémon available on the different routes, which are the secrets hidden in these issues, how to outperform gym leaders, and so much more. We assure you that you will become Expert trainers On our side. Let’s go there!

  • Note: this guide is currently under construction and its contents will be expanded soon.

Full Pokdex: All available Pokémon


As in all Pokémon games, our ultimate goal in Brilliant Diamond and Shimmering Pearl is to 100% complete the Pokdex. This time we start with a Regional Pokdex composed of more than 100 creatures of fourth generationHowever, once we have seen them all, we are given the National Pokdex with Pokémon available from previous generations, adding more than 400 creatures To catch. Can you get them all? Surely thanks to our guidance.

  • Legendary Pokémon: We have a special section to tell you how many there are in total and how they are achieved.
  • Mew and Jirachi: how to get these two uniques through a special gift.
  • Manaphy and Phione: We show you how to obtain these two fourth generation singular.
  • Feebas and Milotic: We tell you step by step how to get these two elusive Pokémon.

Pokémon exclusives and differences


Shiny Diamond Pokémon and Shimmering Pearl Pokémon continue the franchise’s game tradition of featuring Exclusive Pokémon that can only be get in one edition or another. This means that depending on the version you have purchased, you will be able to obtain different Pokémon in the adventure (and if you want the others, you will have to trade with other players).

So that there are no possible doubts and also to help you decide which edition to buy (in case you are still undecided), we show you all the exclusive Pokémon of each edition and which are the main differences.

All Routes 100%


Our adventure through Sinnoh in Brilliant Diamond and Shimmering Pearl will take us a lot of hours and in it we will visit many places various. Of course, in our guide we make a 100% review of all routes and areas of the game so that you know what pokemon appear in them, what are the objects that can be obtained and many more details of interest that every seasoned Coach or novice will appreciate.

Evolutionary stones


In all Pokémon games we find Evolutionary stones that, as its name indicates, they serve us to achieve special evolutions of some Pokémon that would otherwise never evolve to their next phase. In this installment we have a lot … of Fire, Water, Thunder, Night, Day and much more. If you want get all these useful stones (and so rare) then take a look to this section.

All MT (Technical Machines)


MT or technical machines make an appearance again in these games. As many of you already know, TMs are special moves that we can teach our Pokémon to fight with them. There are a total of 100 MT available and, although all of them can be bought from some NPCs (randomly), many of them can also be obtained as part of the story or Exploring the world. With our help you can get all of them for your inventory.

All MOs (Hidden Moves)


In Pokémon DB / PR one of the differences with respect to the original DS titles are the new hidden movements or MO. Formerly these were known as hidden machines and, it must be said that they continue to function for the same purpose, overcome obstacles around the world to explore 100% all of Sinooh. However, in the remakes they have had some variations. For example, now it is no longer necessary for one of our Pokémon to learn an MO to be able to use it. In this entry of the guide we explain all the details thoroughly, how they are achieved and what are their uses.

Frequent questions


There are some frequently asked questions that many players of Pokémon Shiny Diamond and Pokémon Shimmering Pearl will do as they set out on their adventure. We want to treat them in a separate section of this guide so that they do not remain in the inkwell and all doubts get your answer.

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