PHOTOS. At 63, Madonna uncovers in daring session

Madonna He captivated his fans on social networks with a series of photographs in which he shows off his figure at 63 years of age.

In lingerie and half naked, the singer posed in a room guarded by a figure of an angel hanging on the wall.

Between Saturdays, the so-called “queen of pop” appeared with sexy and suggestive poses.


In one of the snapshots, she showed one of her breasts that she edited so that Instagram would not censor her.


With a cross on her neck, bracelets on her hands, fishnet stockings and heels, Madonna once again showed her sexiest side.





Madonna’s eccentricity

In other photos she posted on her Instagram, Madonna also shows off colorful rings and jewelry; The American singer is one of the famous ones who have dared to put jewels on her face as a bracelet on the chin or resting on the lips, adjusted to the nose, around the eyes, or going to the forehead.

This creative tandem proposes futuristic designs with sustainable materials, facial jewels that offer infinite combinations and that can be worn as desired. Pieces that break stereotypes and show that trends have no limits.

The queen of pop, Madonna, was among the first to bet on this trend, since on her 63rd birthday she decided to use a design that simulated an aureole, a piece that adorned the face.

Now, this fashion stomps on the street with avant-garde designs, at least this is demonstrated by rapper Melissa Viviane Jefferson, better known by her stage name Lizzo, who joins this fashion with personalized glasses also created by Nina Berenato, a design gold with the words ‘That Bitch’.

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