Pfizer accuses an employee of stealing confidential documents about its coronavirus vaccine


Nov 25, 2021 15:23 GMT

According to the defendant’s personal emails, the woman had received an offer to work at a rival pharmaceutical company.

On Tuesday, the pharmaceutical company Pfizer filed a complaint against an employee whom it accuses of steal more than 12,000 company files, including secret materials about your covid-19 vaccine.

Chun Xiao Li allegedly violated his confidentiality agreement by uploading thousands of documents from his company computer to a Google Drive account without permission. These files included confidential materials related to the coronavirus vaccine developed by Pfizer in collaboration with the German biotech BioNTech, as well as monoclonal antibody studies that are used in cancer treatments.

The director of BioNTech affirms that the application of the vaccine against the covid-19 developed with Pfizer could be annual

The company claims the employee repeatedly tried cover up your actions and even delivered a “decoy” computer for divert and obstruct the investigation.

According to the pharmacist, the defendant “misled Pfizer about what it took, how it took it, when and why it took it, and where those files (and possibly others) can be found.”

It is worth mentioning that Li is resigning from his position after 15 years working at the company. According to his personal correspondence, the woman received a job offer from Xencor, a Pharmaceutical Specialist in Cancer Treatments and Autoimmune Diseases, on which he planned to start working on November 29. Xenor declined to comment to the press on the matter, while Pfizer noted that companies rivals tried “tirelessly” to coax their employees, especially, in this year 2021.

The judge in charge of the case issued on Tuesday a temporary restraining order which prohibits Li from using, disclosing, transmitting or tampering with any Pfizer trade secrets that he holds. In order to extend the injunction, the robed scheduled a hearing for December 9.

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