Omar Chaparro says goodbye to Joey Morgan, “Compadres” actor who died at the age of 28 | News from Mexico

MEXICO CITY.- The unexpected Joey Morgan’s death that occurred on November 21 He shocked both his family, friends and his work colleagues, as he was a talented 28-year-old young man who became known for her roles in movies like “Compadres”, “Guide of Scouts for the Zombie Apocalypse”, “Max Reload and the Nether Blaster”, among others.

It was in 2016 when Morgan shared credits with famous actor Omar Chaparro in the film “Compadres”, so on Tuesday, November 23, after learning of his death, the comedy actor shared an image where He said goodbye to his partner and confessed that he would miss him.

Through his Instagram stories, the actor wrote “Too young to go, friend” next to a photograph in which both appeared during the recording of the film. As a second message, Omar Chaparro posted a selfie with Joey Morgan where they looked happy.

“I will miss you, my friend. Rest in peace,” added the comedian, moved by the sad news. Also, during the filming of “Compadres”, the 28-year-old was able to perform alongside other Mexican celebrities like Aislinn Derbez and Erick Elías.

The role he played Morgan was that of a hacker posing as an accountant, who managed to steal 10 million dollars from Santo, played by Erick, a kidnapper who kidnaps María, the girlfriend of former police officer Diego Garza, played by Omar Chaparro.

The nice computer scientist was only 17 years old and his name was Vic, but you can see embroiled in great drama when he decides to help the vengeful officer to catch the alleged kidnapper, as he handles technology with great talent.

Upon his death, the portal The Hollywood Reporter, reported that Morgan’s death was unexpected news for several industry players, so the causes are still unknown.

Joey Morgan passed away Sunday morning. We hope that everyone understands how painful this is for their loved ones and can respect the limits and allow them to cry in private, ”the press release reads.

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