Mother accused of murder of her baby in Saltillo, implicates the father of the minor

Olivia “N”, who is about to enter her hearing for the imputation of the death of her daughter Vayolet, involved the father of the minor in the alleged crime

Olivia “N”, who is about to enter the indictment hearing for the death of his daughter Vayolet, involved to dad of the minor in the alleged crime.

In his initial statements, before entering the impeachment hearing, it transpired that Olivia N involved the father of Vayolet in the alleged crime That was committed against the little girl, barely one year old.

The impeachment hearing is scheduled for today at noon, where a judge will determine if there is sufficient evidence to impute Olivia as possible perpetrator of the filicide.

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Little sister as a baby would have betrayed her mother; Olivia “N” awaits her hearing in Saltillo prison today

Vayolet died of a blow with a blunt object in the skull, according to the studies of the necropsy.

The foregoing in contradiction with the first versions that the mother gave to the authorities, where she assured that the girl had rolled down the stairs, causing the injury.

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