Medical outrage over a short on obstetric violence

On the occasion of World Day of Sexist Violence, twenty-four short filmmakers have denounced the violence suffered by women on a daily basis around the world, in different spheres and situations. All of them are inspired by real events and committed to the elimination of violence against women, however, one of them has sparked the outrage of several doctors and health professionals.

The video, which lasts four minutes, stars Susana Abaitua and is based on an original text by Rosa Montero. It represents the scene of a woman giving birth to her first child in the hospital, when she realizes that the gynecologist who treats her is a doctor convicted of serious obstetric violence.

“I couldn’t stop you from putting the eyedropper on oxytocin, that drug that makes labor faster but worsens the pain of contractions, “begins by saying the protagonist, recriminating the doctor that” you wanted to anticipate the arrival of my child because in a couple of hours you are going on a trip to Thailand “.

“He pulled on the woman’s umbilical cord and turned her uterus upside down”

After the reproach, the woman decides to make it clear that she knows who she is. “You are the scoundrel who was on the news a few years ago, the wretch in such a hurry that he pulled the woman’s umbilical cord and turned her uterus upside down,” he continues to blurt out.

The short film, published by some doctors through their social networks, has not taken long to open the debate and controversy among the healthcare community. “This is slop and I hope that the Official College of Physicians takes action on the matter”asked Raquel Blasco, an internist. “It is outrageous, it is already well of slander,” another doctor answered regarding the video.

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