MasterChef Celebrity: They would be the finalists of the reality according to Alex Kaffie

It is no secret to anyone that MasterChef Celebrity Mexico has established itself as one of the most important television programs in Aztec TV as different celebrities are put to the test in different culinary challenges.

For the first time in its history, the cooking reality show delivered a resounding blow by announcing that the 2021 season would be starring celebrities who have featured on shows like Exatlón México or Falling in Love.

Over the course of several weeks, fans of the cooking contest have witnessed the cooking skills of international stars the likes of Aristeo Cázares, Alicia Machado, Laura Flores, Tony Balardi, Aída Cuevas and Mauricio Islas, among others.

Alex Kaffie uncovers “finalists” of MasterChef Celebrity Mexico

This Wednesday, November 24, the cooking reality show became a topic of conversation on social networks after the expert on show topics, Alex Kaffie reveal the names that could be finalists for this season.

In their recent collaboration in The Herald of Mexico, the journalist assured that he is quite clear who the three finalists of this season would be, as they have shown excellent performance over several weeks of competition.

True to his style and without keeping anything, Alex Kaffie He assured that, according to what he has seen, the finalists for MasterChef Celebrity Mexico would be Stephanie Salas, Patricia Navidad, Germán Montero and Laura Zapata.

“I have followed the broadcasts and their cooking skills and he, I believe, will allow them to be finalists in the first season of ¿celebrities? Of the most famous cooking show in Mexico,” he said.

As we mentioned before, the names of the finalists correspond to the preferences that a collaborator has seen in Sale el Sol since, over several weeks, he has noticed the excellent performance that celebrities have had.

Who is still in competition on MasterChef Celebrity?

Currently, the 2021 season of MasterChef Celebrity Mexico continues in transmission, so they are still in full competition:

  • Laura Zapata
  • Aída Cuevas
  • Patricia Christmas
  • Stephanie Salas
  • Paco Chacon
  • Mauritius Islands
  • German Montero


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