Majo Aguilar opens courtship with a man 16 years older; meet the “new” member of the Aguilar Dynasty

It is no secret to anyone that Aguilar dynasty It has established itself as the greatest exponent in the Mexican regional genre since several of its members stand out in national music with singles that are heard in all digital music applications.

Currently, the last name Aguilar is well represented by Pepe Aguilar and their children: Angela and Leonardo; what’s more, Majo Aguilar, daughter of Antonio Jr., has also earned a space within the Mexican regional.

It was precisely the interpreter of “I’m not going to cry”, “How beautiful” and “My destiny was to love you” who captured the attention of the media after confirming that she has a relationship with a person 17 years older than her.

Majo Aguilar opens courtship

It turns out that the Mexican music singer surprised everyone in the show business after confirming that she has a relationship with the singer of Kinky, Gil Cerezo, one of the greatest exponents of rock in Mexico.

Without keeping anything, Majo Aguilar She explained that she is extremely in love with the singer, who is curiously 16 years older, so the news surprised the parents of the Aguilar Dynasty member, she told Reforma in an interview.

Angela Aguilar’s cousin assured that she is quite “connected” with the Kinky vocalist since at all times she has supported her in the different musical projects that she has undertaken.

Who is Gil Cerezo from Kinky?

Immediately after the news was confirmed, users on social networks undertook the task of investigating and learning a little more about the “new member” of the Aguilar dynasty, one of the most popular today.

On his Instagram account, the rocker has more than 77 thousand followers, who have the opportunity to learn a little more about his private life. Curiously, so far he does not have any photos with his current sentimental partner.

The famous man achieved much of his popularity thanks to the success of songs like “Hasta quemarnos”, “Una línea de luz” and “Negro día”, singles by Kinky.


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