Lucerito, the bond of love and union between his parents Lucero and Mijares

The daughter of bright Star and Mijares He has decided to leave home to continue his studies in the United States, although he takes advantage of his school breaks to visit his parents and continue his participation in the theater.

Lucero mijares It has been the bond of love that has united his parents again in music, although his parents have insisted that he sings only as a hobby, because so far he has not made his official debut, the truth is that, his foray into music has already met in various scenarios.

Although Lucero and Mijares always took their private and family life out of public scrutiny, Lucerito, as they also affectionately call their daughter, began with some public appearances with her father a couple of years ago doing some covers.

Later, the interpreter of “Soldier of love” fulfilled one of his dreams which was to record with his little girl and that’s how they made a duet for their most recent Christmas album.

“The truth is she sings very beautifully, we did a duet two albums ago ‘Rompe Puzzle’ and it worked very well, the people had very good comments, in fact, in this Christmas album there is a duet with her, for the simple pleasure of doing it, because I like it. how she sings, regardless of whether she is my daughter or not ”, Mijares commented in an interview with EL UNIVERSAL

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To the surprise of many followers of the singer, the work they did together was always highly praised by Lucero, who at every moment expressed his pride for both of them, which made many think that he could see a reconciliation, perhaps not loving, but professional.

Lucero, for her part, encouraged her daughter to share the stage with her, and this was also expressed in a talk that EL UNIVERSAL had with her.

“Now our children are huge and how good they also love music, but hey, they are not professionally dedicated to this and it has not been their professional launch or anything by Lucerito, who sings incredible, but has done more cacerous things, a little more affectionate with Manuel (Mijares), in my concerts I am encouraging her to sing a duet with me and that we sing together, because we do it at home all the time, but people have not seen us sing together and it can be a lot of fun ”, Lucero said.

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This dream did not take long to come true, because the singer also took advantage of a pop concert that she offered through digital platforms to present her daughter with great emotion and to the point of tears, with whom she performed the song. “Glory to you.”

“The gift that I have for you tonight and that is a gift for me, is the first time that we do it publicly and it is the first time that we sing together … I want to present you in a very special way with that light that it has, to I was filled with light 15 years ago and it made me a much more complete and happy woman, she is my Lucerito ”, expressed the interpreter.

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This event also moved Mijares a lot, who expressed his feelings in networks, which made the deep relationship that both singers have despite their separation more noticeable.

And it is that those compliments and expressions of affection kept them private, but when they saw their daughter following the same path, they made them share with their public their feelings and the way in which their family is still united despite everything, to the point to get together to do projects together, both in music and on television.

At the moment Lucero and Mijares are planning to offer a concert on February 13, 2022 at the Metropolitan Auditorium of Puebla. While her daughter will continue to study high school in Massachusetts, United States, while during her breaks she will continue to participate in the work “The cage of the crazy women” in Mexico, where it debuted a while ago.


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