Jenni Rivera’s daughter breaks the silence about her mother’s inheritance

In the midst of the controversy surrounding the family of the ‘Diva de la Banda’, Jenni Rivera, was her daughter Jacqie Rivera who came out to defend himself after the bad comments of his uncle Juan Rivera about the singer’s inheritance.

Through her social networks, Jacquie sent a forceful message to her family where she shared a sad anecdote that lived next to the so-called ‘Mariposa de Barrio’.

Remember that Juan published a video in which he responded to the accusations of the singer’s children, especially to Johnny López, as they pointed him out of mishandling the inheritance and not granting the corresponding earnings to the true heirs.

jacqie rivera tvnotes

“My mom once told me, while crying in my arms: ‘Mija, everything I am is a sign of money for these people.’ Now more than ever I understand the sadness in her heart and the tears of that day. I wish I had hugged her tighter. Because my God, how it hurts to feel that way ”, Jacquie Rivera wrote on her social networks.

In the criticisms of the sons of Jenni Rivera, also came up with the role of Rosie Rivera, who served as the executor of the inheritance and who was audited to find out how the fortune has been handled.

jacqie rivera tvnotes

During an intense Live in which Juan Rivera made it clear that he will not let them defame him, challenged his nephews to demonstrate, with evidence, some mismanagement of the Jenni Rivera Enterprises business by him and his sister.

jacqie rivera tvnotes

Jacqie Rivera responded, with her message, to what was said by her uncle Juan Rivera, amid the controversy surrounding the family over the inheritance of the ‘Diva de la Banda’.

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