Ingrid Coronado reacts to statements by Charly López

Ingrid Coronado has replied to the recent statements of her ex Charly López, who said that he did not want to see her even in painting because she is a bad person; without giving more details of his differences with the mother of his son.

For his part, Coronado was unconcerned when hearing these words from the former Garibaldi and in an interview for the program The sun rises he said with a big smile:

What strikes me is that my relationship with a person I divorced 17 years ago is news, that’s what strikes me. Obviously, you know, I have always tried to have a good relationship with all the people around me, especially if they are the parents of my children, but what intrigues me a bit is the one that points to my son Emiliano. The legal issues, unfortunately, you know, it’s not worth talking about until the end (the process) ”.

Ingrid Coronado with Charly L & # xf3; pez / Agencia M & # xe9; xico

Ingrid Coronado with Charly López / Mexico Agency

Later, Ingrid was blunt when questioning the reason why her first-born does not want to know anything about his father. “The decisions that Emiliano makes, it would be worth asking ourselves why Emiliano does not want to see his father? I think that many times the note is distorted by asking why does he speak ill of me ?, and the question would be why does Emiliano, who is his son, not want to see him? and that, believe me, it has absolutely nothing to do with me “.

And he added: “Emiliano is an adult child, he is no longer a child, he is almost 23 years old, he decides what he wants to do with his life, he decides who he wants to see and who he does not want to see, just like I decide what to do. with mine and in what do I want to invest my time ”.

Ingrid Coronado, Emiliano L & # xf3; Pez and Charly L & # xf3; Pez / Agencia M & # xe9; xico

Ingrid Coronado, Emiliano López and Charly López / Mexico Agency

In the same way, the driver confessed that what Charly says about her she doesn’t care. “Honestly I dedicate my whole life to raising my children, to accompany them, to enjoy with them and to work to be able to bring the sustenance of each day home, obviously it is not pleasant that they do not express well of me, that they do not value the work I do, but in the end it is something with which I can do absolutely nothing. I know who I am, not only as a person, but as a mother that I am, and I feel not only satisfied, but also proud of it ”.

Ingrid Coronado / Mexico Agency

Ingrid Coronado / Mexico Agency

To end the interview, Coronado stressed that she feels calm about her actions as a mother. “I don’t ask myself what I’m doing wrong, honestly, because I know what I’m doing, I know what I’m building, and

For me the most important thing is to see what I do professionally to be able to support my children, to develop in what I love the most, to spend time with them, to focus on the good things in life. […] not be in bluffs, information on whether you get along with a person or not, when it is a person who has not been part of my life for many years ”.


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