“I stop calling myself Andrés Manuel”, if medicines are not distributed in Mexico: AMLO

Andrés Manuel López Obrador, President of Mexico, said he felt a lot of “sadness” because conservatives support mothers and parents from cancer children, seeking to take advantage of the situation to return to the previous system drug purchase, which he called corrupt.

From Zacatecas, where the morning conference was held, López Obrador affirmed that his Government is already in the purchase of cancer drugs so that the country’s public hospitals are no longer absent and the health of children suffering from this disease is guaranteed.

I am feeling that they go on and on and on with the campaign against us. It makes me very sad because they are supporting mothers and fathers who have children with cancer, they are maintaining those organizations, so that we can backtrack and return to the same system of purchasing corrupt drugs, no, “he said.

“We are already buying all the medicines and they will not be lacking for girls and boys with cancer, we are working towards that purpose,” he argued.

The Mexican president reiterated that the contracts for the purchase of medicines had already been made, however, he accepted that they could not be distributed efficiently, even calling it “inefficiency or bad faith” on the part of the distributors.

“It turns out that the medicine was bought and a contract was made with some distribution companies and I don’t know if due to inefficiency or bad faith, they did not distribute the medicines. This is like an obstacle course, because it is very hungry for money “, he stressed,

Now we are going to all of us, just as the vaccines are distributed, we are going to distribute the medicines to the most remote villages, they will not be absent, I stopped calling Andrés Manuel. We are going to beat the soft drinks and chips How not! If they can take their products as far as possible, why can’t we? They are medicines, ”he pointed out.

The crisis due to the shortage of medicines in the health sector worsened in 2019 due to budget cuts and changes in the purchase of medicines imposed by the Government of López Obrador, who assumed the Presidency on December 1, 2018.

While in 2020 this was complicated by the coverage of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In recent months, the Mexican government promptly reports the acquisition of drugs to treat different diseases and ensures to combat the existing shortage for some treatments on a daily basis.

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