Giovanni Medina explodes against Ninel Conde after reuniting with his son: “You hardly miss what you never had”

Finally, after almost two years of not seeing each other, Ninel Conde was able to meet again with her son Emmanuel, whom from now on she will be able to see once every fifteen days; in this regard has been the ex-partner of the actress, Giovanni Medina, made his first statements about this reunion and in which he harshly questioned the mother of his child, who has been implicated in scandals due to her relationship with the Colombian Larry Ramos.

It was this Tuesday, November 23, when Ninel Conde He was able to live for an hour and 20 minutes with his son Emmanuel, and in the presence of an clerk of the court where the case of the custody of the minor is being handled. About, Giovanni medina was interviewed on the show program “First hand” where he also reported how these would develop from now on. coexistence between the actress and her son.

Medina highlighted that it had been a year and 7 months since mother and son had seen each other due to the legal conflict in which they had faced in the fight to obtain the custody of the child, in addition that the businessman considered that his son was in danger of staying with his mother. Giovanni medina He pointed out that during the coexistence Ninel brought gifts to her son and the minor really enjoyed spending time with his mother, he also mentioned that there were no tears in this meeting.

Ninel Conde was not a figure present in her son’s life, says Giovanni Medina

Giovanni medina declared that from the beginning they made Ninel Conde, as it is important that the singer feel in a comfortable environment during visits that she carries out, in addition that one of the objectives of these meetings is that she can have the best coexistence with her son.

Medina revealed that his son is always aware of what is happening with his mother, since it is a topic that he frequently discusses with him: “We have a communication very clear, for example, when we stop seeing Ninel, we live relatively close (…) so I said to my son, ‘let’s see, we can go to your mother’s house if you want to walk, you can see her whenever you want, the moment you tell me, we’ll talk to her through video call“, he indicated.

He also assured that Ninel conde was never a mother figure who was present in her son’s life: during all this time: “It did not make him feel that absence (during the coexistence), forgive me for saying so, it was never a presence either. To my liking, it was not a figure present, then you hardly miss what you never had, “he commented.

Giovanni medina He explained how he prepared his son for this encounter with his mother: “He always knew that eventually we were going to see his mother and I just anticipated it, didn’t I? (I told him) we are going to see your mother, she is going to come, she is going to bring you gifts, we greet her, we are with her for a while, “he said. Ninel Conde You will be able to see your son Emmanuel for three hours, on Wednesdays of every fortnight.

During this coexistence, Emmanuel was always calm, he assured Medina, who was also present at all times: “I am present, in fact I can tell you that I did everything in my power to make it happen because otherwise it would have been complicated, I interacted, I half played ”, he highlighted.


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