Exatlón México: They filter who is the athlete who arrives today as a blue reinforcement

After two days of International Duel, the rivalry returns to Exatlon Mexico to everything he gives, with the announcement of the arrival of Zudikey Rodríguez to Guardianes and of a crossfit practitioner as reinforcement from Conquerors, who is a great athlete and has a great life story.

Who arrives as a reinforcement to Exatlon?

As reported by ‘Todo Es Viral’ in its advance of Chapter 73 on YouTube, it is about Mariana, who was announced by Antonio Rosique as a new member of the Blue Team and who as a child suffered a real tragedy, because due to an explosion at her house by The accumulation of gas burned a large part of her body, so from a very young age she had to pass it between hospitals and treatments, taking refuge in sports to get ahead.

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