Early diagnosis in cardiac dysfunction improves prognosis

A moment of the presentation.

Within the framework of Cardiology Summit Forum It has been presented MyoStrain, a diagnostic imaging technology for Cardiology, which according to its promoters detects “invisible dysfunctions for conventional tests”.

Jose Luis Zamorano, head of the Cardiology Service of the Ramón y Cajal University Hospital, from Madrid, and former vice president of the European Society of Cardiology, has indicated in the presentation of this commercial novelty that “this technology can provide a better analysis of the ventricular mechanics“, And highlighted” the subclinical detection of certain diseases very early “, because” we could establish a treatment “and” improve the prognosis of patients. “

For its part, Eliseo Vañó Galván, medical director of Magnetic Resonance and CT and head of cardiac imaging of the Hospital Our Lady of the Rosary, in Madrid believes that “we are facing one of the greatest medical advances in recent times in the cardiac care of patients, since it allows doctors to diagnose early heart dysfunction and to know the location and scope of this, before the patient presents symptoms or cardiac damage. This opens the door to preventive and proactive care because the dysfunction is largely reversible. “

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