Dear actress of La Hora Pico had a hard economic crisis; Are you retiring from the show?

Lorena de la Garza, actress known for playing “Nacasia“in the comic show, “Rush hour”, decided to put an end to the rumors, after it was reported that she will be fired from show business due to a job and economic crisis,

It was during his meeting with the press on the red carpet of the Awards Subway, that Lorena put an end to the rumors that claimed that at the end of the season of “Ghost, El Musical“He would sell his house due to financial problems.

She assured that she is working and very happy, rethinking her projects in what she will soon be working on;

“Is that how do they say those things? No, I’m fine, working, the truth is that I’m very happy, yes, I’m rethinking things, I think the pandemic has made us rethink things, but I’m fine, here I am,” she explained. the artist.

So what if he leaves show business?

That said, the 47 year old comedian clarified the information that had circulated about his retirement from the entertainment world, where he detailed;

“I think it was bad information, yes I have thought, but to retire, if I leave Mexico City, it is something that I have talked a lot to people very close to me, I think the information came a little mishandled.”

Finally, in a recent interview, De la Garza revealed that he was able to survive the confinement that caused the pandemic by Covid-19, selling water filters and face masks.

In addition, of these articles, he was selling treatment to grow eyelashes since, not having job offers in the artistic environment, he had to reinvent himself to have an income.


Lorena de la Garza “is selling her house because she no longer has any money” | VIDEO

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