Cruz Azul will no longer seek to renew it and could leave in this winter market

The Luis Romo’s situation in Cruz Azul took an unexpected turn in the face ofThe last year of his contract with the club, well after having become the best man in the cement during the conquest of the ninth star in Liga MX everything seemed to indicate that his fate was imminently in Europe and that he would leave leaving a lot of money in the coffers of the institution, but it was not like that.


And it is that on the contrary, celestial containment not only did he not go to fulfill the European dream, but its performance also dropped considerably on the court in recent months, and although the board tried to extend their bond despite this, did not succeed, so she would have been forced to make a new decision about your future, Well, it also has time on it.

According to information from David medrano, the Cruz Azul’s board of directors failed to reach an economic agreement with Luis Romo to renew his contract, that expires in December 2022, so the only thing left is sell it in the next six months and thus prevent the Sinaloan player can negotiate from June, in a regulatory manner, with some equipment to leave for free, as happened with Orbelín Pineda.

The interest from Europe continues for Luis Romo

In this way, in La Noria will begin to listen to offers for the multi-functional footballer of La Maquina, with the aim of recovering at least some of the money they invested a couple of years ago in his signing, because in addition, the short time of contract that he has left with the club means that lose even more value your token.

A couple of European teams are interested and the cement manufacturers hope that they will ratify it presented concrete offers by the player. By having only one year of contract, the blues are aware that if it arrives an offer will be low on the budget for the little time remaining for the commitment and the temptation that the player can leave for free in a year “, sentenced the journalist of Aztec TV.

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