Cholesterol and triglycerides: What alcoholic beverages raise blood levels?

The triglycerides and cholesterol are a type of fat in the blood and serve as Energy for the body. But, as in all cases, excess consumption causes damage to health. The lack of use of that energy causes the accumulation of cholesterol in the blood and lead to heart disease and other chronic conditions.

The exercise, good nutrition and avoiding vices such as tobacco and alcohol, are the way to ward off these ailments and reduce the levels of cholesterol in the blood. This way we can avoid heart and health problems.

But there are foods that we do not know that can increase cholesterol levels in the blood and we consume them without knowing its consequences. For this reason, we tell you which are the alcoholic beverages that have this effect and that can harm health, silently; even when its consumption is not excessive.

What alcoholic beverages increase cholesterol?

Alcoholic beverages that increase cholesterol

Within our daily diet, there are foods that increase cholesterol significantly, for example red meat, dairy, and shellfish. But also the alcoholic drinks they have this effect. Therefore, consider which ones can affect our blood levels the most.

The consumption of alcoholic beverages should not exceed 20 grams of alcohol per day, which changes for each alcoholic beverage, that is:

1.- 100 milliliters of came

2.- 200 milliliters of beer

3.- 25 milliliters of whiskey or anise

4.- 60 milliliters of sherry or vermouth.

Considering these numbers, it seems that wine is the one that increases cholesterol the most, but you have to consider the amounts that are consumed regularly. Actually beer is the one that affects the most, because a person can drink two or three beers in a meeting, that is, 1,065 milliliters. This drink contains carbohydrates and alcohol, two substances that exponentially increase triglycerides.

In the case of wine, perhaps 300 milliliters are consumed, or one glass. That’s why he puts it second on the list. And in the third place is the whiskey, as long as it is consumed without a mixer. The other cases are used as digestives, so consuming 60 milliliters is normal.

Abuse in beer greatly increases blood cholesterol levels
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