Camilo Sesto’s son is urgently admitted to the hospital

The son of Camilo Sesto, Camilo Blanes, was admitted urgently to a hospital in Madrid, Spain, revealed the magazine Week. Although the reasons why his health was complicated are not known, it is speculated that it could be related to addictions.

According to Spanish media, ‘Camilín‘, as his family and friends affectionately call him, he entered the clinic on Wednesday, November 24. His mother, the Mexican Lourdes Ornelas, and his girlfriend María, have not separated from him, because even though his condition remains stable, it is serious.

The same entertainment sites reported that the son of the interpreter of ‘Perdóname’ and ‘El amor de mi vida’ had been partying this week to celebrate his 38th birthday, which was this November 24; reason why speculation began on an alleged relapse in their addictions to alcohol and other types of substances.

For a few months, his close circle had already expressed concern about his state of health, since since the death of his father that occurred on September 8, 2019, Camilo Jr. is in a deep depression that has led him to consume some substances.

While, Lourdes Ornelas He has not come out to declare what his son’s clinical prognosis is, which has caused various rumors to be made on social networks.

What happened to Camilo Sesto’s son?

During the program ‘It’s already noon‘, the journalist Alexia Rivas announced that he was able to contact a person close to the son of the unforgettable Jesus Christ Superstar, and this informant revealed to him that Camilín fell off his bicycle when he was out for a ride on a wet road near his house.

According to the source, the 38-year-old artist could not get up and was left in the rain and subjected to the low temperatures of the Madrid mountains, which would have complicated his state of health.

So far there is no official medical report, however, it is well known that Ornelas has wanted to treat his son’s addictions in a specialized clinic, but Camilo Blanes He has refused and cannot be entered without his consent, as he is of legal age.

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