Boy comes home from school and dies in his father’s arms; tragedy in the United States | News from Mexico

UNITED STATES.- One piece of news that caused commotion in the United States was the death of a nine-year-old boy, who suddenly he lost his life after hugging his father last Tuesday, November 9.

After coming back from school, Amari King Churchwell she began to feel bad, her parents said in a fundraising campaign.

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Kenneth Churchwell, father of the minor, He picked him up from his school and took him home, minutes later, he collapsed unconscious in his arms, setting off the alarms and starting the horror story for his family.

Immediately, He was taken to a health center where doctors found a mass in the back of the brain, in addition to internal bleeding.


Doctors tried to drain with the intention of reducing the pressure on his brain, but Amari already had quite limited brain activity, being transferred to the Doernbecher Children’s Hospital in Portland, but they couldn’t save his life.

We are all absolutely devastated by the passing of Amari, and he is forever ingrained in our hearts. “

The mother declared for the US media that the minor had never had headaches or any sign that he was seriously ill, however, his father looked at him with blank eyes, to which the doctors confirmed that it was a convulsion.

People close to the family started a collection of money to help Amari’s parents to assume the expenses related to his death, getting around 51 thousand dollars so far.

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