Between tears, Hoy collaborator abandons the morning; suffered a strong fall in the forum

Moments of tension lived the drivers of the Today program and the judges of The Stars Dance Today after one of his most beloved collaborators suffered an accident that prevented him from going out on the dance floor because he was immediately transferred to a hospital.

As you know, during this 2021, the morning of Televisa gave a forceful blow to the competition with the premiere of the famous reality show The Stars Dance Today, where part of its cast and other guests put their skills to the test on the dance floor.

So much is the demand that the contest demands that the participants leave everything during the rehearsals and when getting on the dance floor, regardless of whether they put their physical and emotional integrity at risk.

In this context, one of the most prominent participants of this season suffered a spectacular accident that did not go unnoticed by anyone as they immediately requested the support of the emergency services for their prompt attention.

Participant of Las Estrellas Bailan en Hoy suffers an accident

During the broadcast last Wednesday, November 24, Galilea Montijo He was presenting the judges of Las Estrellas Bailan en Hoy, but everything changed when he realized that one of the participants was not living his best moment of health.

After realizing this, the morning host reported that Moisés Peñaloza was rehearsing a fly when he fell and suffered a severe blow to his back that prevented him from getting up and continuing with the preparations.

At that moment, Tania Rincon, host of Hoy, assured that the couple of Moisés Peñaloza and Pía Sanz were rehearsing when both fell, but the worst part was taken by him because he hit the ground directly.

“I want to dance,” said Hoy’s contributor.

When questioned about his state of health, Moisés confessed that he wanted to dance; however, the company protocol requested that he be transferred to a hospital to continue with the corresponding studies. For her part, Pía had to dance alone.

As it was expected, Galilea Montijo and Andrea LegarretaMorning stars wished the famous actor a speedy recovery. In addition, they wished that it did not grow older.


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